Windsor Dog Walks

Terms & Conditions


All bookings are subject to these terms and conditions. We will also require you to sign our disclaimer before commencement of pet care.

To avoid possible cancellation charges, please give a minimum 24hrs notice for cancellation of a single walk. If you wish to cancel a block booking, please give at least 1 weeks’ notice where possible.



You will be liable if your pet injures any person, property or other animal.

You must inform us of any serious traits or problems with your animal(s) in advance.

We cannot accept bookings for dogs who have serious behavioural issues or are aggressive towards people or other dogs.

New bookings are always undertaken on a trial basis, to make sure the arrangement works for both parties and that dogs for walking are adequately trained and socialised.



Dogs must have up to date vaccinations, worm & flea treatment, be in general good health and be registered with a local vet.

While we cannot accept liability for any loss, injury, illness or death to a pet in our care, we are willing to transport them to your vets if needed.

The client will be responsible for all veterinary bills however incurred.

In the unlikely event of an emergency or situation requiring veterinary attention, we will attempt to make contact with you but if necessary we will allow your registered vet to make decisions on your behalf (unless you advise otherwise).

Although we are covered for Public Liability, we recommend that you have your animal(s) covered by a suitable insurance plan, including Public Liability.



Dogs can be walked on or off lead but for off-lead walking, we require your written consent for insurance purposes.

Walks can, on very rare occasion, be cut short in the event of extreme weather conditions (intense heat/ thunder/lightning etc) for the safety of the animals.

Please ensure that your dog(s) wear an ID tag (micro-chip alone is not sufficient)

If you require your dog to be towelled down after each walk, then please ensure a clean, dry towel is provided for this purpose.

We cannot accept female dogs for walking when they are in season.  


Tel 0783 460 4601 or 01753 858962